Google Censors Me for Hillary*


As distasteful as the prospect might be to almost anyone you talk to, the political signs are all pointing to Hillary Clinton as our next president.  Her political trajectory is almost identical to that of the current similarly unpopular and dislikable occupant of the Oval Office.  First, with little to recommend her for the position, she is made a United States Senator, much like George H.W. Bush's ne'er-do-well eldest was made Governor of Texas.  Then we are told that she has done such a good job in the position that she wins re-election by a landslide, setting her up for a run for the presidency.  Actually, she is so generally disliked that she can't announce in advance open public appearances because they are likely to attract outspoken opponents, which is quite similar to George W's appearances only to carefully controlled audiences.  Her primary asset--much like George W's was--is a mysterious ability to raise campaign funds.


She also gets a tremendous amount of publicity.  In addition to the almost constant mention of her on the news, a great number of books have been written about her.  I have had some unfavorable things to say about a couple of the lesser known ones, Judith Warner's Hillary Clinton, the Inside Story, and Gail Sheehy's Cover-up Book," Hillary's Choice.  But the commentary that the people behind Google really don't want you to read is about the fake Hillary attack book, The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go to Become President, by Edward Klein.  My commentary is called "Hillary Biographer Crude Propagandist."


In that article I reveal the devious methods by which the paid shill Klein promotes Hillary's candidacy while appearing to do the opposite.  I'm sure the powers that be don't want you reading things like that, but that's probably not what got the article blacked out from Google.  I also have a great deal of information in the article about Hillary's personal life that you won't find in the hundreds upon hundreds of pages in the aforementioned books.


So what is the evidence that Google has banned reference to the article?  Try searching for the odd combination of words that appear in the article, "Hillary Klein veterinarian." (I did it without quotation marks.)  But before you do it on Google, do it on,, and  In each of the latter three search engines, the "Crude Propagandist" article is the first thing that comes up.  But on Google, the near-monopoly search engine, the article doesn't come up at all.  You can even add "Parade of Lies" and "David Martin" and who knows what else from the article to the search string, and it still doesn't come up.  


As a result of this article, that might change, or the other search engines might take it down, but as of this last day of June 2007, I rest my case.


David Martin,

June 30, 2007


*As anticipated by the last sentence of the article, things did change with respect to the original Hillary article at Google.  But first, the search string of "Hillary Klein veterinarian" resulted only in the current article appearing as number one there.  Within days, though,, the previously censored article had made its appearance, at the number two position, at that.  Now it should be a little easier for the citizenry to learn about Hillary's proclivities, and also about how the propaganda game is played.  


David Martin

July 17, 2007





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